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It appears that this weekend’s two inexplicable offside calls against Liverpool at Everton might just be the final straw for some football fans when it comes to VAR. And one of those fans is me.

Michael Owen stated after the game that he believes you’re either offside or you’re not, a notion that is true in theory, but much more complex when it comes to the call itself.

In the world of VAR, there are decisions that are factual (has the ball crossed the line? Unless of course you’re Aston Villa), decisions that are opinon (hand to ball or ball…

29th June 2020

The Rt Hon Gavin Williamson CBE MP
Secretary of State for Education

Re: Petition to introduce gender and race equity for GCSE English Literature

Dear Secretary of Education,

With both the Me Too and Black Lives Matter movements pushing forward motions to improve the lives of those most affected by discrimination; gender and racial disparity in education is becoming an ever more publicised issue. …

Women are big business in music. With the likes of Lizzo, Ariana Grande, Halsey, Billie Eilish and Selina Gomez all hitting the number one spot in the Billboard top 100 this year, and Rihanna being named the wealthiest female musician with a net worth of $600 million, things are looking up for females in the industry, right?

Not exactly…

Last year, only 24% of Billboard’s Hot 100 songs were by women and a meagre 17% the year before that. Based on those stats alone you might be fooled into thinking that we’re heading in the right direction, but since 2007…

How the UK chooses to deal with Shamima Begum over the coming months is yet to be seen, but the message Sajid Javid has given to ethnic minorities has been received loud and clear; you’re not welcome here.

Of course, some would have you believe that racism isn’t the issue, and that anyone with a history like Begum’s would receive the same treatment.

Except that they wouldn’t.

And they haven’t.

Not if they’re White British anyway.

Having been born and raised in the UK by a White English mother and an Iranian father, it never occurred to me that my…

A recent news story saw a shooter kill three individuals in Belgium while on temporary release from prison. So many terrible ramifications from this story, you wouldn’t think one of them was sexism in the media. Sadly, that’s exactly where I’m taking this. The reporting of this story by many major media outlets was not only sexist but also plays on the age old trope of the fact that women’s deaths are somehow more tragic. …

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